Thursday, December 8, 2011

Doodles, cont.

Poor Twirlita.
All she wants to do is finish her dance:

 Doodles by the great Lynda Barry

Lynda Barry is of course a cartoonist, and as such, her basic tools are pen and paper. There's a brilliance about the way in which she uses drawing to convey humor -- from the willowy legs of the dancer to the motion lines and stars throughout. There are 40 examples of this on the page, and all of theme, either taken as a continuous narrative or viewed individually, are hilarious.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Disorderly Digression

Occupy Wall Street is this generation's very own Kent State. As the demonstrations heat up in cities across the country, here are just a few of the signs captured by photographers on the ground. They're an important record of the times, a combination of political cartoon and performance art, coaxing factual knowledge and interpretive skills from viewers. And there's the drawing technique - sometimes slick, but mostly raw and emotional, with shards of cardboard boxes as support for the varied illustrative styles.

I like the one with the little girl in the tiara. She seems to be caught up in the festivity of it all, but it's doubtful she really understands the context in which her poster appears. I think it's an example of grammar school expressionism, juxtaposed with the expressions of an angry proletariat, which makes it kinda sweet.